Africa Hunts

Hunting Africa is a passion of mine. It’s such a thrill and an adventure and really gets in your blood. My hounds have a reputation as some of the best in the world. In 2008 I was presented an opportunity to ship a pack of them to Africa to hunt their magnificent wild cats. What a thrill that it has been! Being there to experience my dogs hunt their giant cats is unforgettable! Over the years I have met and worked with many people across different countries in Africa and have made amazing friends and gained invaluable knowledge!

When I go to Africa, leopard is my primary focus. We get up early in the morning and cover the country looking for that big Tom spore (track). When we cut a track, the adventure and my dogs jump into overdrive! Harvesting a big leopard is a rush you won’t forget. I just can't get it out of my system!

My highly trained hounds have made leopard hunting more effective, exciting, and adventurous. It also gives you time to explore more of Africa's wild places and hunt a bigger variety of its game.

If you are considering an African hunt, there is nothing better than having my hounds in your camp! Pricing and opportunities change a lot from country to country. Let me help you figure it out. I can also give you information on wild and high fence hunting or hunting cattle ranches. I can help with information on touring national parks and a myriad of other topics. Give me a call at 435-760-1682 and I can discuss pricing, countries, and modalities of hunting!