I have owned and hunted with hounds for 25 years, and I can easily say that hunting with hounds is my passion! I spend the majority of my time hunting cougar, bear, bobcat and coon.

In 2008, I shipped a pack of my hounds to Africa and have gone there every year since to hunt leopard, lion, cheetah and caracal cats. Throughout the years, I have bred and crossed various hounds, always with a focus on maintaining the finest qualities, which include combining cold nosed, trailing hounds with speed, grit, locating ability and determination. These qualities together make for hounds best suited to hunt a variety of game.

Because I hunt year round in diverse settings, I require a hound that can grub a cat track in the arid desert country through rocks and bluffs, can hunt cougar in the high Rocky Mounting climate where it can be -27 degrees, can fight a mean bear all day, can run a jump bear for 20 miles, can hunt an aggressive livestock killing leopard in Africa and have the brains to figure out a scrambled track and locate and tree a devious bobcat or caracal. I strive to produce hounds with these abilities and traits.